Product Introduction
  • Product Introduction

    Polyamide Series Terminal Blocks

    IC Polyamide series terminal blocks are moulded from Polyamide (Nylon) 6.6 having high mechanical strength,
    excellent electrical property, good elasticity and flame & shock resistance. The terminal blocks can be mounted
    on a standard 35mm DIN rail or a 32mm Terminal channel. The terminal blocks are designed to cater to most
    modern wiring techniques which are standard for distribution switchgear, machine tool controls, instrumentation
    controls, industrial electronics etc.

    • Screw clamp connection
    • Spring loaded connection
    • Cable lug connection (Nut or Screw driver operated)
    • Test disconnect connection

    All metal parts of the terminal block are electroplated to increase resistance to corrosion. The current carrying
    parts are plated with Tin/Nickel to ensure continuous electrical properties while protection from corrosion.

    Melamine Series Terminal Blocks

    IC Melamine series terminal blocks are molded from thermosetting compound Melamine having high
    mechanical strength, excellent electrical property, and resistance to deformation . Melamine does not ignite and
    gets converted into char form in case of fire. It is Abrasion and chemical resistant, waterproof and resists high
    and low temperatures within the limits of-40 C and 130 C.
    Melamine terminal blocks are suited for use in severe environmental conditions and are preferred for
    applications such as Circuit Breaker panels, Chemical plants, Refineries, and other high risk environments.

    Terminal accessories

    All accessories required for making complete sets of terminal blocks are provided with the terminals. These
    include Mounting channel, end clamps, end plates, shorting links, protective covers and marking tags. The
    terminals are mounted on the channels which are manufactured as per international standards. The last terminal
    is covered with an end plate to ensure no conductor part is exposed. The end clamps are used to hold the
    terminals and end plate in a firm position. Shorting links provide an easy and safe way of shorting two or more
    terminals without removing them while protective cover prevents any accidental touching of the live conductor
    parts. Marking tags are used for marking of terminals for easy maintenance.